Supported Platforms

The following platforms were reported as working with LibMiletus.



Linux (WiFi)

You can execute an example on your computer or on a Linux board

Installing and configuring the Avahi service

You will need to use the Avahi service to announce the libMiletus service in the network The installation may vary according to your Linux distribution For a Debian-based system and the Edson board, you can use the configure script.

To execute it, open a terminal, navigate to the libMiletus directory and run:

cd LibMiletus/linux

Then, run the configuration script (The parameter name is optional and defines the mDNS name).

chmod +x

If you are executing another Linux distribution, please install the Avahi service and, then, execute the configuration script with the argument ignore_install.

./ --name YOUR_DEVICE_NAME_HERE --ignore_install yes

Restart the Avahi service or the computer


Building Examples

Make sure you have cmake installed Navigate to the libMiletus directory and then to the linux subdirectory.

cd LibMiletus/linux

To build the library and the examples, execute the script

chmod +x

Now, you can execute the example.


You may need to give super-user privileges to use port 80 (or to access Bluetooth capabilities in the near future)

sudo ./linux_example

You will get the error "Error binding socket on Server" if the 80 port is already in use (e.g., by Apache or edison_config) You can use the command netstat to find out the service that is running on the port 80 and stop it.

netstat -tulpn | grep :80

ESP8266 + HM-10 (BLE)

HM-10 is a low cost Bluetooth Low Energy module..

Plug the HM-10 BLE TX and Rx pins in the ESP8266 digital pins 5 and 6, respectively

Open the example in the menu “File -> Examples -> libMiletus -> NodeMCU-HM_10-LED” and the Serial Monitor “Tools -> Serial Monitor” Make sure that data rate for serial data transmission is set to 115200 baud.

The blue LED next to the micro USB port should light up and the Serial Monitor should show:

Starting HM-10 BLE device
Sending AT
Received response:
HM-10 BLE device up